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And Now

As promised, I am going to give the links to audios that Dr Craig has done on the Book of Revelation in her ongoing series, Apocalypse.

Dr Craig uses for her research Days Of Vengeance by David Chilton. She does not support everything he teaches.  But she does use his Historical View which is one of several that one may believe concerning this End Times.  She also teaches that the Book of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ is laid out as a Suzerain Document.

Her teaching is that like Deuteronomy is laid out in terms of a Suzerain Treaty so also is Revelation.

Now I wish to state that a reading of Flavius Josephus and The Wars of the Jews you will therein find some very chilling descriptions of the madness that ensued as after their rejection of Jesus as Messiah they became rebellious and the city fell and the Temple was burned down.

It is my premise that this very type of madness is and has been slowly rising around us for the last 10 or so years, in this nation most especially since the 9-11 incident took place.  If then God so did to Jerusalem in the beginning of Christendom when the Branch was young and green and tender what then will be the outcome of the Tree as she is felled for lack of repentance?  We in this nation as a Body of Christ have entwined ourselves a little to thoroughly with the culture of the secular world around us.  We have begun to forget the God who begat us in His Son.  Some more than others have gone out from among us to show that they were never of us and have led many astray.  God who did not spare the angel in their rebellion and His Holy Nation in their rejection shall now spare His own dear flesh in her Adultery?  May it never be!  For then He shall not be Holy True Just and worthy of anything but for dung.  But He is True Holy Just and Good to all in some ways and some in all ways.  He shall as Judge of the whole Earth do right by His glorious name and be absolutely true to Himself, as we are now seeing.

Go and read the free PDF of Days of Vengeance for yourselves and see how much of the Scripture is fulfilled in that very tempestuous time back then and then see the missing pieces as they should be placed and understand the meaning of the Blessing and the Curse in Deut 28.  Very likely men’s hearts will fail them for fear as they go mad by that which they see.

Below is the listing of her teachings on this book and more of her teaching can be found at mcmtffr.org


Introduction part 2

Occasion and Theme

Revelation 1:1-3

Greeting and Doxology

John’s Commission

Letters To The Seven Churches



Pergamum: The Compromising Church Part 1

Pergamum: The Compromising Church  Part 2

Thyatira: The Corrupted Church




The Throne

Christ The Victor

The Four Horsemen

Martyrs Revenged

The True Israel

Multitudes Before The Throne

The Book Is Opened

The Seven Trumpet Judgments Begin

The Faithful Witness

The Two Witnesses Prophesy

The Two Witnesses Dead, What?

The Seventh Trumpet

The Serpent And The Seed Of The Woman

Then There Was War

The Beast From The Sea

The Beast From The Earth

The LAMB And His Army

The Son Of Man, The Sickle, The Harvest And The Vintage

Covenant Succession Victory

God’s Creation Takes Vengeance

The Last Three Bowl Judgments Part One

Har Megedon

Judgment From The Sanctuary

How God Uses Earthquakes

Identity Of The Harlot

The Mystery Explained

Babylon Is Fallen Come Out Of Her My People

Woe Woe The Great City Babylon

Babylon No More

The Testimony Of Jesus

The Faithful And True Judge And Wages War

The Binding Of Satan

Gathering For The Battle

The First Resurrection

The Dead Are Judged

New Heavens And A New Earth

The Bride The Holy City The New Jerusalem

Consummation, An Era Of Light

Some Final Admonitions


These are her complete lectures.  Do enjoy them, as her understanding of this book challenges my blog, which is a good thing.

If you like what you heard there are other series on mcmtffr.org