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The book itself I am told is written in the style of Suzerain Treaty and it is. Chapter one opens with the introduction of the King (Jesus) and the writer of the book (John the Apostle). But the Holy Spirit has led me to realize that this book in the unfolding of the judgments is like unto Deut 28:15-68, the portion of the blessings and curses of obedience to the Law. The portion dealing with the curses is tiered or leveled.  Each level opens with a choice to obey or disobey and then lists the consequences of disobedience. Each level or tier of judgement becomes more severe than the last. The idea is to turn back to obey and be blessed. The difference here is that it is known that there will be no repentance or turning to salvation (which is the means of obedience to the Law, now)
Believe it or not the beginning of the sorrows of this world doesn’t actually start till the sixth chapter of Revelation. After the introduction of chapter one the King addresses the issues in the churches of the day as He sees them. These comprises the next two chapters. From Four through Five we have seen the Throne room and we have seen the Lamb and we have seen a scroll with seals that only the Lamb is authorized to unroll.  With each unrolling the seals are broken.
In chapter five this is the book.  Rev 5:1  And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the back, close sealed with seven seals. 
The word book here is biblion.
G975 biblion A diminutive of (G976 biblos Properly the inner bark of the papyrus plant, that is, (by implication) a sheet or scroll of writing: – book.) ; a roll: – bill, book, scroll, writing.

Whereas the Strongs Greek section number 976 denotes a larger roll of writing, or scroll. The former denotes a smaller one.  The larger might be the Torah Scrolls of five “books” whereas the smaller might be a dingle haftorah scroll.  It would be one book as opposed to several in one bound roll of papyrus.

Also please understand that in this era we are before the Codex in this place.  I do believe the South American Native tribes used a primitive form of codex in their writings but they are also more or less folded “scrolls” The bound book came much later.  Now a sealed scroll will have a wax seal in place.  This is done by dribbling hot wax onto the end of the paper to stick it shut to the back of the roll.  Imagine the paper towel roll unrolled and re rolled with dribbled wax at various points sticking together various portions of the roll whilst allowing it roll shut for the final “seal” and you have the roll in theory which is being opened.  This roll represents the will of God the Father and The Son.  This Roll will represent the Wrath, not of the Father but of the Son. On the Cross God the Father has spent His Wrath onto the Son.  The Son was not only the only qualified individual under the Law to receive the wrath and thus cause atonement to be made for us but also quite frankly possibly the only one capable of withstanding the process itself.

Also because we see that it is His Wrath presumably He alone would be qualified and rightfully justified as the Wrathful One    to open this “roll”.
We need to understand whose wrath we are dealing with.  It is not an event for Atonement like the Cross it is an event of Vengeance WITHOUT ATONEMENT.
Understanding this now let’s look as the roll opens.  Each sealed portion releases a person or action into either the spirit world or the corporeal world.  When all the seals are opened we see the initial phase of the process.  This is the Revelation or unveiling of Christ the King and Judge.  This is NOT the Suffering Servant.  This is the King of Glory.  Jesus when He was raised fulfilled the Suffering Servant and after coming into the Heavenly Tabernacle He fulfilled the ceremonial aspect as it were of the High Priest.  In that He has not sat for as long as Grace has been for the Elect of God in intercession He has fulfilled the role of Intercessor/ Priest, and now fills His role as Heir Apparent to His own throne and as King IN JUDGEMENT who is cleaning the house and killing off his competition so as to properly set up His Kingdom.  This is the difference we need to keep in mind.