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This is a more of less in depth look at this book in part.  Some parts are not relevant to this blog and subsequent blogs.  Those who feel I do an injustice to the Book please understand it is not just a study but one of relevancy to the times in which we are now living.  A ministry I attend went on a missions trip and as part of that trip in obedience to the Lord they had to do a bible study, that had to do with certain martyrs and martyrdom globally and in the USA as well.  This then has the Holy Spirit take me back into this book and deal with it from a somewhat different perspective.  Though I will post the eight positions on the rapture and the subsequent positions on Eschatology in general it is not my job here to get into that arena.  My job is to let scripture for the most part do the work of explaining this book.  Any other theorem I present here deals with possible relevancy issues of this book at this time in history. I am not trying to put out conspiracy theories though I think some of their work provides interesting insight to the set up dynamics of this age. I will say that I am beginning to think I am being led to consider certain things concerning the current mental ascent of society and how it possibly got there, and its possible impact on the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  I will refer by link from time to time in my blogs and or posts within a given blogs to content on a site I have. The theories and or perspective understandings I am posting here are not necessarily supported or endorsed by any ministry I am a part of.  This for me would be considered; King’s Business. I also do NOT endorse civil disobedience, inciting to revolution, or rebellion of any kind against the government of this nation (USA) or any other nation in the world as it stands as of this posting. Their is but regime I by the grace of God seek strength to oppose in all manner, and that is the Regime of the Antichrist.  Seeing as that regime as of this posting does NOT exist I must defer to the scriptures which tell us to live peaceably with all men in so far as it my ability to do; obey the law of the land and respect the lawgivers of this land. Neither these blogs nor the site linked to it are in support of anything but the will of God which at this hour is LAWFULNESS.

To the readers having posted be forewarned that anyone stating anything suggesting I endorse other than what is stated herein may be subject to legal action.  Otherwise feel free to read.